separately buy ivermectin uk Alison Wright Senior Partner St James Place Partnership

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How did you feel before working with me? OK, but aware that I wasn’t as focused or working as efficiently as I could do. Wasting time and not necessarily working on my terms.


Why did you enlist the support of a Business Coach? To get focus and structure. To be guided to plan better and to be able to reduce feelings of stress and overwhelm.


What support did you want?  Strategies to plan and cope better. Accountability.


Did you look at other ways to solve the issues? Only by discussing with colleagues and family.


Did you have any concerns about working with Anita? Not at all


What outcomes were achieved by working with Anita? More structure and accountability and able to manage the business on my terms rather than reacting.


What attracted you to Anita and her style of coaching? Openness and relaxed but firm and structured approach. Personalised and not formulaic coaching.


What did you find useful about having a Business Coach? Someone else having am objective view on the business with my needs front and centre.


How valuable were the sessions? Extremely. Plenty of food for thought and actions to put in place.


Did you feel you were supported? Held accountable? Motivated and inspired? Yes. All of that.


What impact has this made on your life and business? Less feelings of stress and overwhelm (although Lockdown has helped with that too!). Planning to Bounce forward out of lockdown and manage my expectations and wants for the business.


Would you recommend Anita as a Business Coach? Absolutely.