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understandably Award Winning Businesswoman, Inspiring Leader, Aspiring writer, Life Coach and Business Mentor

Paôy Pêt I work with Corporate Leapers, Inspiring Leaders and Industry game changers

What qualifies me to do what I do to help you in life and business?

Over 24 years of ‘running businesses’ experience, the good, the bad and the ugly!

Built and helped my husband Mick to grow his business to 6 figures, brand overhaul and consistency, evolved and refocused on the work he was doing and where the most profit was coming from, mindset work with him and diversified after looking at the business from a more strategic deeper level rather than just doing the ‘thing’ day to day with no plan or focus. Was much than that especially when working with your life partner….

Studied for my Level 5 Coaching Diploma while juggling a family, three kids, a dying father-in-law, poorly mum, daughter with epilepsy and autism and at that time she was having her hardest year of multiple daily seizures, I wanted the diploma so badly and smashed it in the end. I know life can be a juggle, it’s just what you do when you want something!

My marketing background, in the early 90s from telesales to Ad Manager for Guardian, working from the ground up.

I grew up in a family printing business in the North East of England and saw my dad break after the miners’ strike and 80s recession killed off his business, watched him rebuild our lives with a huge move to Kent and a lifestyle and work change for him and my mum.

What am I proud of?

My kids, all three of them overcoming all sorts of hurdles

Proud of me and the huge life changing events that have shaped me today

My resilience, loyalty, independence, passion and hunger for more

Setting up my Coaching practice and actually managing to maintain and continue to support my clients and businesses during a pandemic!

Launching the Business Lounge ‘not just networking’ in March 2019 when so many thought I was nuts to do it!

Giving people a platform of support and inspiration in the Business Lounge Community so they can grow in life and business.

Managing to come through life changing curveballs, losing my mum in law when I was 23 and inheriting/taking on her then 3 year old son as my own (when we had no children of own at that point), losing my sister in law 4 years ago but caring for her daily till the end and also overcoming losing my best friend 7 years ago, I have lost three very important ladies in my life and had to come through the other side, I am proud of how I dealt with those challenges as some parts of it (certain aspects of being an executor three times.. never again!) almost killed me off and I am still learning to live without them all every day, but I am so so grateful for the love I and happy memories I have of them being in my world.

Proud of my stubborn determination to come out of this lockdown with a clearer vision and having the kahunas to try and make a difference in the world of Business, Life & Coaching and to give my son and daughters the best I can.

Examples of where I have changed someones life/business.

MM – He no longer is chasing the little jobs, has super focus on his business, work/life balance and health restored, he now has boundaries, through working together and using my coaching skills so he could change his working life and expand his business and his profit.

HC, CN, KE and MH – All made the leap from the corporate world into running their own businesses, very different businesses, one marketing consultancy, web company,  mortgage broker and health coach, I gave them the tools and support. We worked on confidence, mindset from employee to business owner, contingency planning so they could make the leap without the money worries blocking them, strategy, products/services and marketing, in fact showing them how to go from an idea to actually getting themselves out there and having the conviction to do it. All have successful businesses now.

KW and MG – had a thriving leadership and training company but knew there was a whole load more they could offer to grow their company and have a legacy, they have recently launched a Podcast, a digital online learning platform and many more amazing plans for the future.. all of which we developed in 2020!

What my ideal day looks like…

Morning gratefulness for being alive before I get out of bed, thanks for the day ahead of health and success

Pint of lemon water and a peppermint tea with my supplements that keep my gut healthy

Gym/Yoga or just Walking in the fresh air!

Shower, back in my office at home by 9 ready to start the day

A day of success across my three businesses, Autosparx being the household name for Vehicle Security, coaching my private clients, running my Business Lounge events and conversations with good people (staying away from negative Noras)

Finish ‘work’ by 4 and spend time with Grace my 14 year old.

Read every day

Cook nice healthy meals and have a sneaky takeaway on the weekend with a glass of Malbec or glass of fizz!

Spend the evening with my husband Mick but with no social media, no distractions and be fully in the room!

Time for me, whether that’s to read, learning new stuff, no more toxicity

And fun, I want more fun in my life and more campervan adventures and travel around the world.

My favourite things:

My family

My dog George our Standard Schnauzer

Daisies & wild flowers

The sea, ocean and water (But I still can’t swim properly!)

My VW Campervan and my Mercedes Cabriolet

Camping, travel and the beach in my flip flops, in a field with my feet bare and on the grass with a fire and nice food.

Hippy chick at heart but darn good businesswoman!

My closest inner circle of friends whom I love dearly (it truly is a tiny gorgeous circle but after years of life experiences you realise who is around for you and who frankly needs flicking off!)

So, with all that said, how can I help you? Get in touch and let me find out about you! (Since you know so much about me now!)