neurontin 400 mg overdose So, I asked some of my most recent Private Coaching Clients ‘What it’s like working with me’, Here is what they had to say:

Vitebsk Mark Humphrey Mortgage and Income Protection Specialist broker of MHC Mortgages

How did you feel before working with me? I’d seen you a number of times running the business lounge and was impressed with the events themselves and your skills in connecting and introducing people to each other.

Why did you enlist the support of a Business Coach? I’ve seen several people close to me grow their business very successfully with the aid of a business coach to help them focus, establish and maintain their business plans.

What support did you want? Some support, guidance and accountability

Did you look at other ways to solve the issues? I bounced ideas off my wife, who runs her own business and was helpful, but I wanted some guidance from outside of my family circle and from someone experienced in growing their own business.

Did you have any concerns about working with Anita? None whatsoever, or I wouldn’t have chosen her. As above, I chose Anita based on my experience of her at her Business Lounge Networking Events

What outcomes were achieved by working with Anita? I joined Anita within a couple of months of starting my new business. Within this time, I recruited my first employee, increased my new enquiries and business levels significantly and improved my back office processes to help boost my capacity.

What attracted you to Anita and her style of coaching? Her firm, but fair style, holding me to account. Also, the fact that she’d grown her own businesses

What did you find useful about having a Business Coach? The chance to take a step outside my business to look at and discuss my business. It also helped me be bolder in making decisions I may have procrastinated over – such as hiring an employee and committing to a larger office.

How valuable were the sessions? Very much so, it’s helped me along the way, and I continue to practice many of the principles many months after our sessions ended, having grown my new business levels significantly – even as we come out of the Covid19 lockdown!

Did you feel you were supported? Held accountable? Motivated and inspired? Yes, Yes, Yes and Yes!

What impact has this made on your life and business? It’s had a really positive impact and helped give me confidence and belief in achieving the business and lifestyle I desire.

Would you recommend Anita as a Business Coach? Yes, absolutely! For all of the above reasons, I really enjoyed my time with Anita and am adamant that Anita’s played a big part in the growth of both my business and me as a business owner!

If you want to be held accountable, inspired, motivated and supported in 2021 then get in touch and we can have a conversation about how we can work together.