Caicó People buy people… its important you know about My Journey – How I got to where I am now! I have always been passionate about small businesses from a young age; it’s in my blood!

buy provigil online europe My first memory of business was my dads #printingbusiness, at the age of 6 in the #northeastengland where I grew up.

As a child I would spend weekends with my dad at his unit in exchange for a tiptop drink and a packet of pickled onion crisps, helping him pack big print orders, collating paper and note pads! I can still remember the smell of the factory, the ink, the fresh printed-paper and the wonders of all that paper and the pens! I think this is where my addiction to paper, sticky notes, notepads and pens come from!

I didn’t realize at the time how tough business was, but if it’s taught me one thing, it’s to never give up! Sadly due to the Miners Strike, 80s Recession and other factors, his business closed and we moved to Kent when I was 13, I know now as a business owner and a parent what a juggle and rollercoaster it is to be a business owner, I owe the experiences and early entrepreneur skills I had as a child to my dad who today is one of my loyal supporters.

What is your first #memory of #smallbusiness?

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