Misoprostol cheap on online Covid 19 Statement updated 6 November 2020

swingeingly With Coronavirus affecting many lives, businesses, the way we work, health and education, I thought I would just update you on how I am operating safely and to Covid guidelines.

buy modafinil germany I am working remotely from my home office via Zoom video calls and also the good old fashioned telephone.

I am available via email or telephone as usual.

The Business Lounge events are online once a month currently and available to all to book on regardless of your area or if you have been to a live/in person event in the past, you are more than welcome to join in.


I am here to offer as much support as possible to small business owners, family businesses and especially to those of you whom have suffered substantially during the last few months.

Top tips from me:

Speak to someone you trust if you are in need of support, if you are struggling or just fed up!

Keep your visibility consistent across your marketing, social media, website etc

Look at where you are leaking money, what could you save on? Often, we have subscriptions we forget about and no longer need.

Keep an eye on money coming in, keep on top of the money owed to you too.

Most of all look after yourself, eat good food, drink lots of water, get some exercise (even a daily walk clears the mind), get to bed earlier and switch off the tech.