Stop the noise

Stop the overwhelm

Stop the overload

Stop worrying

Stop the pressure


Firstly Happy New Year and welcome back to business and life in 2019! I truly hope you had some time off, relaxed, recharged, caught up with loved ones and important people in your life, most importantly you had fun and little stress.

Wow, what a year 2018 was! I apologise profusely for not practicing what I preach, for being in touch with you more regularly, showing up more and being more real with all things life and business.

I won’t go into the ins and outs; quite frankly I don’t want to start my New Year boring you! In short, I spent the first half of the year busy, busy, busy with new clients. Then working in association with QuickBooks helping small business owner who was fortunate enough to win my services through a ‘Backed By QuickBooks’ Competition, I was QuickBooks first choice Business Coach, a great endorsement to be interviewed and chosen by them. The summer I enjoyed with my family around the UK in our campervan and also in Mexico for some amazing R&R. Having two businesses means we sometimes do also have to check in with our clients while we are away but it’s nice to do when sitting in the sunshine!
September through to Christmas I was rather poorly, lots of hospital time and treatments and time away but I soon learnt that even I need to take better care of myself, so I was determined to put me first over Christmas and New Year where we spent quality family time away in the beautiful Lake District and then Suffolk.

Roll on 2019! My intentions are:

To continue my healthier diet, lifestyle and gut and mind health.

To show up now as the best Life and Business Coach I can be.

Offer some incredible support and value to all my followers and clients.

Put the plans I have actually in place and action them! Loads of new programs, packages, workshops on and offline coming this year!

SO this year for me its all about health, wealth, happiness and success!

If you are feeling super stressed out with the consistent noise all over social media, your inboxes telling you to ‘plan plan plan’ the year ahead, set resolutions and a tonne of goals or you will fail the year (absolutely untrue) step away, stop giving it any attention. Today I unsubscribed from a tonne of emails, groups and distractions. Almost like a cleansing ritual of the mind, soul and inbox!

To be honest, people can be as ‘organised and professional’ as they want to appear on social media.. I spoke to a few respected professional women in business yesterday at my networking group and they all felt the same, too much pressure this week to be perfect and have it all planned out. In reality, so many business owners just crack on in January after the break because they need to bring in money/cash flow/invoices paid! YES we should all plan ahead and have some strategy, this is fundamental in business BUT please don’t think you have failed miserably at the start of the year because you don’t have a cast iron plan in place.

I normally plan 90 days/12 weeks at a time, that works for me, having said that, I am using this first week back to ‘normal’ to plan and put a strategy together for the next 3 months, rather than overwhelming myself with a longer goal.

If you are feeling super frazzled already, the to do list is longer than a loo roll, feeling time poor, lack of energy or motivation, lacking focus and clarity, please speak up, I have some coaching and mentoring slots available for the next few weeks and I am more than ready to help you move forward, we can chat, move forward and come up with an actionable plan.

Send me an email and I will book you in.

Boost your Business sessions for January and February will be at my 2018 rates, as I want to help as many people as possible start the year with a plan!

Have an amazing week!

Remember achieving greatness is closer than you think

Anita McAloren Dip PC
Life and Business Success Coach
Ocean Coaching your wave of inspiration