order provigil online uk Sometimes it takes a while but when you do finally decide to make a change in your life and/or business it’s all you can think about but stop taking action because you worry ‘what will they say/think’ ‘will it alter people’s perception of me and what I stand for’, ‘do I then look like one of them who keeps changing their business’, ‘why can’t I just crack on as I have been’, ‘oh gosh will people think I’m veering off the course I should be on’, blah blah blah…

smash So today is the first day where I’m actually going to take some action. 

Majenang I’ve spent the last year pondering, playing it down, worrying what others think and view me as, the last year not getting overly excited about certain parts of my business, putting my needs, desires and plans last in many areas. I don’t have all the answers and I have spent way too long watching others in the coaching and mentoring industry frankly doing it to a blueprint, a lot of fakery and fluff and BS. I’ve finally acknowledged and woken up to the fact I have been a partner in a very successful proper business, I’ve also trained to be a proper performance coach years ago while juggling many things, I decided to launch my own business networking company a year before the pandemic and I’ve managed to keep all these plates spinning too. 

So I guess hell yes I’m more than qualified to help others, whether it’s Mentoring them to reach their goals and have success, a life they want on their terms, helping others to connect and collaborate through my Business Networking Events and to help you keep your vehicles safe through the family Vehicle Security and Auto Electrical company which I am highly proud to still be part of as Business Development and see grow even in a pandemic. 

I guess I am trying to say sometimes it takes many things, a build up to make you wake up and think ‘here I am.. ready to finally get cracking in this life and stop fannying around, stop being a nob and be really me’ 

Things will be changing and you’ll see that no doubt but one things for sure when it comes to running a proper business I more than know what I am doing ?. 

Have a great day… stay in your own lane and stop doubting yourself. 

You got this ?