My ducks were in a row but now they are a bit all over the place!

I admit I haven’t got all my shiz together and shock horror I am a Coach but Human too…

Things you can do in the current climate for you, your family and your business!

So we are entering week 7 here at Ocean HQ and The Business Lounge HQ, as my daughters’ school was one of the first to close almost a week prior to the rest of the UK.

I have experienced a whole host of emotions, good bad and not so good. Speaking to another Life Coach today and many of us in our industry are feeling the pressure of being ‘coaches with our shiz together’ and ‘showing up as perfectly ok with living in a pandemic’, truthfully anyone who is a coach or mentor who tells you they don’t have wobble days, moments of frustration, anxiety, fear, dread, loneliness, exhaustion and complete feeling of failure because we are absolutely In the unknown (nobody taught us in Life or in Coaching school how to deal with a worldwide pandemic) then they are telling porkies because it does not matter how well you think you have your shiz together, life goals and business planned to perfection, this thing has thrown up many things for absolutely everyone!!!

I am today honoring the fact that not only are we trying to hang onto our sanity, our businesses and lives, also many of us have school age children who are now trying to learn via online lessons, for many this is absolutely zero interaction with teachers or their friends as their online learning does not have a video call with a teacher or interactive lesson via video conference! Not only are we having to work differently, we also have to support our kids learning at home and keep them motivated too, not to mention the amount of snacks now being consumed as well as supporting from a safe distance our parents, friends and relatives and don’t even get me started on the utter anxiety of doing an in person food shop at the supermarket because we cannot get one online! Queuing 2 feet apart until you actually get into the store and suddenly you have armpits in your face from god knows whom trying to lean over you after they have invaded your 2-metre box! Anyway that’s for another day but I guess you get it, our daily routines have changed and we are consuming so much news, information, media, daily, you’re being told you have to learn a new skill, you have to take up knitting or craft, you have to be the worlds best chef with new culinary skills all the while becoming housewife/husband of the year while pivoting your business, hosting video calls while keeping the dog and the kids quiet and trying to keep the ship sailing, watching the bank balance, home school your kids, clean the house, added another zillion tasks to your day, keep your relationship in one piece, stay sane, not succumb to wine o’clock prior to noon and keeping your customers and colleagues content (all at a social distance).

So for me I am using the time to throw the odd tantrum, catch up on sleep, Netflix and all the ‘back office jobs’ I never get around to do, I am also really beginning to see where I was wasting time, money and energy prior to Covid19 so this is a learning curve for me, I am not taking up knitting or craft but I am working harder on me and what I want from life more than ever! I have signed up for a couple of diplomas I want to do but they are still sat there as my accounts and client work is still there being actioned daily!

Here are just a few things you can do while in this situation, I am not promising major life changing results but what I am promising is no faffing or fluff or enforcement of you having to do what you don’t want to do!

Disclaimer: please observe government guidelines when it comes to exercise, going out and social distancing etc.

YOU – yes because you do actually have to come first, if you are feeling rubbish, no energy and feeling rather unhappy then you have to sort you first or you are no good to those around you!

Get up and move – go for a walk, a jog, and a run, whatever you like to do

Food – eat as well as you can! Lots of vegetables, fruit and the best meat you can buy if possible

Immunity and Gut Health – to maintain a healthy gut take manuka honey in a lemon and ginger tea, take supplements that help your digestive system as this strengthens your immunity.

Lemon water – start the day with a glass of hot or warm water with lemon, great for the digestion and liver also immune system.

Meal Plan – get the kids involved; let them help you choose what meals and get them to help cook! Perfect time to teach them these life skills. I usually go through the freezer and fridge and write down what we have, then meal plan for the next two weeks, making a list of what we need to make those items a meal.

Shopping – when you have to go to the supermarkets and wait in a long queue – take headphones and listen to a podcast, audiobook or music

Life Skills for Kids – show them how to cook, peel veg, wash up, clean, hoover, use the washing machine, money skills, look after the pets and how to iron (obviously age dependent and at your own risk not mine because I have mentioned it here)

Housekeeping – home filing and accounts! Get them up to date, have you got a spreadsheet and know your household budgets?

Board Games – dust them off and have family board game time

Records – get out the vinyl and play some tunes, educate your kids on the old music (mine love all genres of music because all our vinyl is so different)

Old Photos – get the old photos out, write on the back of them so if ever you are not around, those left with the photos will know who is in them! Maybe arrange them into albums. Same for digital photos we all have thousands of, spend some time going through them and sorting them.

Declutter – now is a great time to declutter the wardrobes, cupboards, drawers, loft and cellar!
List the jobs – ok so you’ve probably been going round the house with a mental list of all the little and big jobs that need doing indoors and in the garden, go round with a notepad and jot down what needs doing in each space/room and then you can prioritise, mindful of money!

Do something for you every single day, take a long bath, get out for a walk, get some sunshine on you, read a book you’ve been meaning to read, listen to music, meditate and be still for even 10 mins a day, notice the quiet and the calm but also the chaos in your head, this is a great way to calm and clear those thoughts.

Talk – ask the kids and your partner what they would like to do one evening, try and eat together as much as you can around the table, use this time to check in on one another, letting them all know it is ok to have days where they feel worried but it’s all about communication and supporting one another.


Just One Notebook – get all your sticky notes, notebooks, scraps of paper, anywhere you make notes and sit for an hour and go through them, copy relevant to do notes into one notebook, you will be astonished at how many of your to do list items are no longer valid. I will be publishing another blog on this very subject so watch this space!

Planning – what do you need to do every day? What’s really important? Are you planning a week at a time/a month/90 days?

Review – every week review what you have done, look at what you did well, what went well, what didn’t go so good, where you were most productive, maybe where you wasted some time (this is a great lesson to help you move forward!)

Filing – get your filing up to date!

Social Media Profiles – when was the last time you updated your profiles?

Website update – there will be parts of your website you can now update, blogs, products and services, pictures etc.

Reviews and Testimonials – now is a perfect time to ask for these so you can share them on your website and social media.

Accounts – get your accounts up to date!

Catch up – contact all the people you’ve met networking and haven’t had time to follow up, how can you support them now?

Online Networking – just as important now as before to be showing up and showcasing your business and you, get out there online and network, build relationships with those who can recommend you, use you or collaborate.

Visibility – now is not the time to hide away all the time, you can show up now, give value and support to your clients, potential clients, followers, colleagues and networks, you can do this simply by keeping in touch, via your social media, blogs, podcasts etc. they will remember you when we come out the other side of this and you will be seen as the go to person!

Make each day count, if you are having a tough time, reach out to someone you know will lift and support you, equally if you are having a good day, be productive, focused on the daily outcomes and acknowledge that you are doing the absolute best in a rather weird existence.

I am here to hold you accountable, inspire, motivate and support.. AIMS

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