can you buy stromectol over the counter How to choose a business coach with ease

Business Coaches work with their clients on lifestyle and business successes, goals, aspirations, ideas and often help their clients find a way out of the dark when often a client has struggled alone for years, not asking for help or support for fear of looking like a failure in business. I have to say at this point, there is absolutely nothing wrong with asking for support, motivation or help in business at any level, it’s a sign of strength to reach out. Always keep in mind we are not masters at absolutely everything in life or business, often we need someone else input, their ideas to simply elevate us.

It is down to the coach to not only help their clients reach their full potential but also to hold their clients accountable and challenge them often. 

Most business coaches have specific areas of expertise, or specialist areas they coach in, for some it may be systems and processes, financial, strategy and goal setting and planning, marketing, social media, productive and time management, self development and self awareness, staffing and HR, business planning, leadership and management skills, retail, industry specific, mindset and confidence. The list is endless but when you are seeking out some support, think about the areas of business you think you need some support in and go find a coach who has the skills and experiences in that area.

So here are my top tips on choosing a business coach suitable for you and your business.

  • Recommendations:Speak to others you trust in business, maybe you are in a networking group or business group, ask those whom you trust. WARNING: Often you will find well meaning colleagues, acquaintances or friends who will insist ‘you have been in business for years, what can anyone tell you about business’ or if you are a start up business ‘go speak to the bank, they can lend you some money and away you go, you don’t need a coach, I can help you’. Your business, your life, your way!
  • no prescription Quetiapine Research:Have a look on Social Media; check out local Business Coaches websites, are they up to date? Do they present their packages and pricing? Have a look at testimonials and do not be afraid to contact them and ask for recent case study examples of clients they have worked with and what they have done. (Coaches however will rarely give out clients names unless the clients have specifically said they are happy to be known)
  • Make a list of Coaches you want to speak with, email them or call them for a brief chat and explain what you are looking for, ask them how they work i.e. face to face or Skype/telephone coaching. Coaching is all about rapport and you need to be able to trust and communicate with your Coach. Never be forced into buying something you don’t feel is right, trust your intuition. EPIC FAIL: I have witnessed some unscrupulous coaches who will tell potential clients that unless they spend £££££££s with them and sign up there and then, they won’t ever succeed. NEVER allow this to happen to you or be forced into coaching that does not sit right with you.
  • What is their background?Find out about the potential coaches own background, experience and skill set, have they just read a coaching manual or have they actually trained in Coaching? Do they hold Industry Qualifications and constantly invest in their own self-development? Do they have a good business model?
  • Sessions and how will it work?Ask the Coach about their availability, timescales and how many sessions for instance they advise. Will they speak to you in between sessions or be reachable if you need them before the next scheduled session? This for me is so important, I make darn sure I get back to my clients within 24 hours should they contact me in between sessions, its about respect and also being available to help them when needed.
  • First Meeting:When you first meet your Coach, take along a notebook, write a list of subjects and areas you would like to cover and be ready, willing and able to listen to their advice, follow the action plan, stay accountable and trust them. If it feels right and you build good rapport with your Coach, you will have success and find it’s probably one of the best investments you have made in your business, your life and your time!

Happy searching!

If you think I can help you, drop me an email and we can arrange a chat over the phone or video call to see if we are a good fit and if I can help you.

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