Stop Faffing Start Doing!

buy provigil online india Does your desk look like this?

Zuénoula *Disclaimer.. this is not my workspace, I could not work in this chaos,  I set this up for the photo!

Muang Phônsavan What have you achieved so far this year?


Is your ‘to-do list’ as long as the M1, even though on the 1st Jan you promised yourself, wrote it in your new fancy journal and put it out there to the universe, that this year will be the year you will get back control and things will change? 

Have you been faffing, procrastinating, feeling guilty because you’ve not got done what needs to be done? 

You have endless notes all over the place, in the car, the kitchen, bags, pockets, sticky notes everywhere and notes on your phone, in your planner, your diary and notebooks.. how many notebooks do you need???




The brutal truth is we all have the same 24 hours in a day. 


You are no busier than the next person. 


I’ll bet you have time for social media, scrolling endlessly looking at random videos, or things that make you feel you’re ‘working’ because you’re looking at what everyone else is doing on social media…

‘Research’… not sure if it’s really work, is it? 

Do you think that ‘you will find the time’, maybe:

when the next big contract ends,

when there’s a gap in your client time

when the weather gets better,

when the moon is a different shape,

when the busy season ends,

when the kids are older,

when the business starts to make more money,

when the business looks like it’s working better,

when the cows come home?

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Calling all Networking Newbies

I want to help you build your confidence, networking prowess and your ability to make profitable connections.

Do you struggle with networking in person online and offline,  or even the thought of it makes you squirm?

Do you imagine attending a networking event will be full of suits, full of people who are further down the line than you in business? More successful than you? Super confident and not want to listen to what you have to say and offer?

Never know how to start a conversation or introduce yourself, how to carry yourself confidently as the go-to person in your industry?

Worry about what to say when you are offered a one-minute pitch?

Scared with presenting yourself in front of a room of strangers, mind monkeys saying you are not professional enough?

Why should you even bother networking locally in person?

Do you think you are too busy to network?

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