Storm into September and make the last few months of 2020 count.

I will be sharing some valuable tips to help you really get the most out of the last few months of the year, it will be interactive with ‘audience participation’ so I can give as much support to you as possible in a presentation slot! It will be like a mini masterclass on how to be more productive and profitable.

So come along and join me at The Business Lounge on Monday 10th August at 9.30am.

Register here:

Who is Anita?

Hi, I’m Anita and I am a Business Coach. Now, I could start this page shouting about my achievements, awards, years of experience and passion for empowering business owners but, if you’ve been looking around for a coach you will have seen that sort of thing again and again and I’m not that kind of coach.

I am a Business Coach, I have awards, years of experience and plenty of qualifications, but the only thing you want to know is, can I help you create the business you dreamed about when you started and the answer is YES.

I have built my own successful businesses over the years and after a while started coaching other businesses to create their own. That was over 20 years ago. I am passionate about coaching and the impact it can have, but I won’t talk about blueprints to success or steps to smashing your goals, because they are just words. Instead, when you work with me, we work together. I will help you map out what success looks like for you and hatch a bespoke plan to make that success happen.

I know the struggles and issues business owners can face when setting up or trying to grow their business. I have been there and lived through most of them, so my coaching comes from a place of understanding. I use that learning and life experience, alongside my intuition from years of coaching and my training, to help you get the perfect support for your business. Whether that is a set of firm goals, motivation to get them done, inspiration to help you get where you want to be, help to manage the work-life balance or someone to hold you to account to stop the overwhelm and procrastination. 

When I’m not coaching, you can find me either being a business networking director (which I love), at home with my 3 children (who are growing up way too fast) or searching for a beach/the sea in my campervan (hence, why I am ocean coaching – it’s my happy place). I’ve juggled my life and my business for years and I know the importance of having the time and energy to give 100% to both.