The A.I.M.S (Accountability, Inspiration, Motivation and Support) Sessions

So you had a whole list of to dos, a list of must get this done, you’ve been on a rollercoaster of emotions ranging from ‘loving the freedom of time lockdown has given me, by the time we come out the other side I’m going to have everything done that I’ve meant to get done ages ago, all the stuff on my to do list, all the admin, marketing strategy sorted, accounts done, vision, strategy, an action plan, yeh I’m going to come out of this real strong, super fit and focused and everyone will be like ‘wow check her out’, meal plans and healthy life planned out, going to use this time super effectively, but you’ve also experienced ‘cannot be bothered to do this/what’s the point/ we are in lockdown nobody had any money so might as well pack in bothering/ whose going to listen to me/I am so tired/ don’t know what to do first/where do I start/that to do list is overwhelming me, life just too much some days/I’m homeschooling so I have to put me last…

Deep down you know you want to get your shiz together, you want to work with focus and clarity and be productive? 


You want to get back on track so when we reach September, you have a plan, you have clarity and focus and ultimately some accountability too.


You need some accountability, inspiration, motivation and support to help you get back on track, stay on track and come out of this last few months stronger with a clear vision.


These low cost accountability and action planning packages do just this, we speak once a week via phone or video call to get you focused for the week ahead with a plan of action, accountability and review what’s worked and what hasn’t in a weekly laser focused session.


I’m only taking on a handful of clients to work with this way as I want to give as much support as possible during this time and get you back on track for the rest of 2020


For more details contact me.


What have you achieved so far this year?

Is your to do list is as long as the M1, even though on the 1st Jan you promised yourself, wrote it in your new fancy journal and put it out there to the universe, that this year will be the year you will get back control and things will change?

Have you been faffing, procrastinating, feeling guilty because you’ve not got done what needs to be done?

The brutal truth is we all have the same 24 hours in a day.

You are no busier than the next person.

I’ll bet you have time for social media, scrolling endlessly looking at random videos, or things that make you feel you’re ‘working’ because you’re looking at what everyone else is doing on social media.. ‘Research’… not sure if it’s really work is it?

Do you think that ‘you will find the time’, maybe, when the next big contract ends, when there’s a gap in your client time, when the weather gets better, when the moon is a different shape, when the busy season ends, when the kids are older, when the business starts to make more money, when the business looks like it’s working better, when the cows come home?

If any of this has resonated with you.. We need to talk!

Being in business can be hard; some days you have more motivation and other days you feel worn out.

I’ve been exactly where you are now! Curveballs, the good, the bad, the ugly, bereavement, kids, career duties, juggling, health issues down to stress, overwhelm and anxiety and poor diet!


In over 23 years I have built three businesses while overcoming everything you could throw at me and launched a huge business venture in January 2019 after kicking my own butt!

Now I’m ready to kick yours!

That is why I launched Coach on Call.

I am opening up just a handful of spaces to transform the businesses and lives of incredible action takers.

My mission is to inspire, motivate and support you to take action, live your life by your rules, embrace life, live each day to the max and to ultimately succeed in all areas important to you.

My aim is to have inspiring conversations which open up those ideas, supporting you in a non judgmental way, motivating you to find your purpose, realise your dreams, find clarity, focus and drive but also hold you accountable to seek out and find your passion and master those goals to grow your business.

But remember this…

The simple action of handing over money to a business coach will not suddenly make you a millionaire, nor will things change drastically, nor will they be able to perform a miracle…

Coach on Call is an action takers program for those who are serious about business, life and success.

You will have a 2hr session once a month with me.
Private VIP messenger access for accountability, inspiration, motivation and support whenever you need it.


If you are ready to up level your life and business, email to learn more.

Boss your Business Networking Mentoring

You struggle with networking in person or even the thought of it makes you squirm and break out into a hot sweat.

You imagine attending a networking event will be full of suits, full of people who you think are further down the line than you in business, more successful than you? Super confident and not want to listen to what you have to say and offer, I mean who are you? What do you have that others need? Why would anyone want to listen to you?

Never know how to start a conversation or introduce yourself, how to carry yourself confidently as the ‘go to person’ in your industry? Worry that they will glaze over and make their excuses and walk away.

Worry about what to say when you are offered a one-minute pitch or presentation opportunity.

Scared with presenting yourself in front of a room of strangers, mind monkeys saying you are not professional enough, not good enough, you just have a little business and aren’t ready to get ‘out there’.

Should you even bother networking locally in person? I mean really.. do you have to go get out there and ‘show up in person’… yawn!

You are too busy to network, you don’t need to do it, and you have plenty of work coming in 24/7.

It’s not for you and won’t suit your business, you are niche and that’s that!

You have ‘heard’ it’s all about business people in suits and couldn’t imagine anything worse.

You’ve ‘heard’ you have to be really good at presenting, sales and business and have a ‘proper business’ (how do you define a ‘proper business’

If you’ve never tried it, how on earth will you know if it’s good, bad or ugly???

Stop listening to others misconceptions and their experiences!

What am I talking about??

Business Networking…. locally…. in person…. face to face meetings…and now Online, it has never been more important to know how to network online too, getting out there and showing up at online and offline events!! Making connections, meeting people who can collaborate with you, refer you to others and help you build your business.

So, hands up who wants to:

Confidently present you and your business

Find the right Networking groups for you and your business

Show up as a go to expert in your field

Speak with conviction at a networking event

Present an awesome one-minute pitch that will leave the room wanting to know more about you

Build your contact sphere; you never know who knows whom!

Follow up with those you meet and build relationships with those you could collaborate with or do business with

Become a Master Networker.

Deep down you know that attending Business Networking events is a huge part of your marketing and business success.

How will this work and what will you learn?

You will be fully supported by me with 2 x 1hr sessions over the course of one month with messenger access to me, accountability and support.

Part 1: Mindset, Confidence, Motivation, Focus and Clarity!

Part 2: How to find the right networking groups for you and your business, lets also work on who to look out for, which professions/trades would be a good collaborator for you.

Part 3: Be Prepared, what you need to take, how to show up, being able to actually get into the event without running back to the car and not showing up! How to introduce yourself without fear.

Part 4: How to open conversations when you are nervous and never presented before, I will help you nail that awesome Elevator/One minute presentation.

Part 5: Follow Up: how to successfully make those contacts valuable connections, what to do with all those business cards, how to have an effective 121/coffee catch up post event without wasting your precious time.

Investment from you £397, to book email

Anita is a Business Development Coach and Business Networking Director with over 25 years experience in Business and Marketing.

Anita is the founder of The Business Lounge ‘not just networking’ monthly business events for Business Owners.

Connections, Collaborations, Conversations, Coaching and Coffee
all in one event.

Anita has been to many networking events over the years; some formal, some informal and has taken what works, what people want from business networking and launched ‘The Business Lounge’ which has proved to be such a huge success she is rolling out new groups in the coming months across the UK. She was an Ambassador for the largest referral networking organisation in the world for over 6 years, so she knows networking works and that it’s a great marketing strategy for businesses.


I will hold you accountable and keep you on track to reach your goals


Through coaching and conversation, I will ensure that you will be inspired and have those light bulb moments


When you take inspired action you will be consistently motivated to achieve.


I am another set of eyes on your business, with my years of life and business experience, you will have a strategy and action plan which will set you up for success as well as me as your coach cheering you on from the sidelines.