So this happened just before Christmas.. My son passed out as a police officer..this is my son whom I’ve had the pleasure of being his mum for 23 years since he was 3 and his mum, my husbands mum passed away at 46 to cancer. I was asked by my mum in law if I would take care of Him at the age of 24 minus kids of our own and not married we said ‘of course we will’.. we’ve had the rockiest of roads and lives but we managed somehow, the morning after she died (we were with her) my first job was to get him breakfast, washed and dressed and tell him he now lived with us and that his mum had passed away. That little 3 year old boy is now 26 and my son.

It’s down to him that I gave up the corporate world and stepped into the world of self employment.

It wasn’t easy…. I made mistakes! I didn’t have a clue what to do, I didn’t have 9 months to prepare, it was really trial and error learning to be a mum! Somehow I think we did good… Mick stepped up to be the best father figure anyone could have, his journey went from big bro to dad overnight.

He achieved his goal through the biggest obstacles and realities proving that if you’re
determined you can achieve anything.

I won’t go into the curveballs or obstacles here but crikey for a boy who was born premature at 1lb 8oz at 26 weeks.
I now have leaky eyes…

I wasn’t sure whether to share this or not but a few lessons here for all who read it:

You can achieve anything you want too.. as long as you work for it!

Success comes in many forms not just financial.

Even faced with the toughest and hugest of curveballs, you can come out the other side.. I promise you really can!

You can plan every inch of your life but sometimes fate has other ideas!

Remember to look back at the tough times and see how far you’ve come.

Celebrate every single moment you have your loved ones around.

Never settle for second best.

If your kids have a dream, a goal, a mission, support and guide them with every inch of your being.

Step away from those who don’t support you when you truly need it.. I remember back then all we wanted was a little guidance and support.

Make sure you have a will, not one drafted off the Internet, get some proper advice especially if you have children!! It’s not enough to make someone a legal guardian… you need so much more in your provisions and wishes.

Take out a funeral plan… let your next of Kin know your wishes! Please don’t have the ‘well I’ll be dead anyway who cares they can sort it attitude’.

Take out protection… income and life as well as critical illness.

One Life Live It

If you are struggling with your goals, plans and feeling stuck, not motivated or lost get in touch!

Happy New Year