,B7B279,B2AE7E,3F3A04,1E1C0A I am off for a few days as it’s now half term for my daughter and hopefully as you read this I will be enjoying some half term fun with the family, walks on the beach in my UK based happy place, praying that the South East do not go into major lockdown as we all need this down time including our Dog George who is coming with us, he loves a beach and this time of year, autumnal walks and adventures are just awesome before we head into the winter.

misoprostol rx cheap REVIEW OF THE WEEK (make sure you review your week, what worked, what didn’t work!)

quiescently So this week I have been supporting corporate leapers with their new business ideas and goals, it has been really good to be seeing clients in person again (with social distancing and Covid compliant in Covid safe venues). Big shout out to the Bridgewood Manor Hotel whom reserved me the best table by their fire in the lobby, I am always very well looked after when I use their facilities to host my meetings. I have also been working with the family business Autosparx on our long term new product line, marketing strategy and updating our website, it is very exciting to see the business continue to thrive and grow after 29 years of trading through some difficult times too. 

Lots of great plans for the Business Lounge when we are able to get back to in person in 2021, watch this space, with growth across the UK and continue to support local.

The next Business Lounge event is on Friday 6th November, all are welcome even if you have not been to one of our events before, as they are online at the moment.

So top tips this week.. 

LIFE: Are you doing what makes you happy or are you just putting up with stuff? 

BUSINESS: When was the last time you updated your social profiles?

Remember achieving greatness is closer than you think