First week of August and after some seriously needed R&R On the Isle of Wight at the weekend, I am back refocused, refreshed and ready to storm into the last few months of the year.
First things first, planning and reviewing, August will be a month of planning and laying foundations for my ‘Storm into September’..
This week the weather forecast is rather scorching so I will take some of my work into the garden and keep the Vitamin D topped up.
So top tips this week..
LIFE: drink plenty of water, add a drop of lemon to it which helps the gut, digestion and liver.
BUSINESS: look at your August and September schedules, plans and money making actions, what might pop up that could distract you or throw you off plan? How will you make sure you do the thing and make money?
Remember achieving greatness is closer than you think 🙂
Ocean Coaching for your wave of inspiration (c)
PHOTO was taken on Shanklin beach yesterday.. look at that blue sky!