News from the desk of an Award Winning Business Owner:

I am taking some time out this week for me, I absolutely love writing but don’t do enough of it, writing as in paper and fountain pen, letting the thoughts and the words flow out, now I am not saying I going off grid to write the next best selling book or that I will be the next JK Rowling but sometimes you have to pivot slightly and do something you love, life and business should be all about purpose and passion, often the stuff you love to do can turn into the best business you have ever had or at the very least it can really help you focus and recharge. It can be exhausting being a creative and entrepreneur, we often have so many ideas whirling around in our busy heads but we take little action and just leave them in our heads or on a sticky note! So take the time to develop the ideas, plot them out onto paper and actually take action. 


Last week was awesome, I had my first in person face to face (at a safe distance) client meeting, my clients garden table was a great place to have our coaching session, sunshine, fresh air and tea, my client gave me a gift of chilli chutney which was delicious. It was really great to be back in a face to face meeting again, the energy when working with clients in the same space is on a different level to that of a zoom call. 

I received a beautiful hand made ring from another private coaching client who also happens to be a Gemmologist, I have been supporting her this year and she sent me the most beautiful gift. (see pic below) It is rather lovely to be thought of and thanked, I love supporting business owners in life and business and this made me so happy that I am doing a great job.

The next Business Lounge event is on Friday 9th October, all are welcome even if you have not been to one of our events before, as they are online at the moment.

So top tips this week.. 

LIFE: Put you first? What can you do this week that is for you, self care is super important, get out for some exercise? have a long soak in the bath, read a book, take up a hobby or just be, just sit and have some quiet headspace.

BUSINESS: Learn to say no to the things that don’t serve you, people who are just picking your brains, stop wasting time with those who aren’t supportive or let you down.

Remember achieving greatness is closer than you think 

Gift from my lovely coaching client Gemmology Rocks