Cagayan de Oro How to get the best out of attending networking events

You want to get the best out of your time

You want to make good connections

Reach out to others you can help

You want to come away feeling inspired and motivated

You want to increase your contacts and ultimately build your business! Create networking goals/an action plan– a strong network is so important in business

Who do you want to meet?

What industries are they in?

How could you help them?

How can they help you?

What do you want to get from the networking event?

Lahār Make two lists– one list is people you have already met and want to grow that connection, the second list is people who you want to meet, influencers, people who can help you and vice versa. Create the networking plan– decide on the actions you will take to meet the people you want to and also how you will connect and build on that:

Where will you find them?

What networking events do you need to attend, how often and who is in the room?

*Remember consistency is key, you cannot show up once at an event, meet people and then disappear again, you often need to build these connections through consistently showing up and giving value in your conversations without sellingto the room.

Follow up– don’t forget when you meet new people at events to follow up, don’t just have a stash of business cards in your desk drawer:

Connect on LinkedIn and Social Media

Drop a note on LinkedIn or send an email saying how you enjoyed talking to them and would love to follow up with a 121/coffee date to find out more about how YOU can help THEM!

When you have the 121 do not try to sell to them, find out about the other person, be interested and remember givers truly do gain.

Networking, when done properly can be a massive asset to your business, you meet people who will grow to know, like and trust you enough to recommend your services to their contacts, you will meet people you can collaborate with, recommend to your contacts too! It should be part of your business, marketing and support structure. It really is irrelevant what level your business is at, I have seen start ups grow their business purely through attending regular networking events!

Go forth and make good connections!

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