Living your purpose and finding your passion!

Wow, this is a big one, so grab a cuppa and read on.

Ask yourself this one thing today.. Are you truly happy, are you living your life your way by your rules and standards?

One of the big lessons that came up for me last year and has come up a few times in my adult life is living my purpose, finding my passion and then running with it.

January is a new month, a new year and for many it’s a chance to start over, it’s often where you have new goals, new resolutions, plans and ideas on how you want the year to be, be it in life, work and business. There is a huge amount of pressure on us daily, the intensity of a new year and new month often brings about many challenges, makes us wonder ‘who am I?’ ‘Where do I want to be or what do I want to achieve this year’, ‘last year was pants so this year has to be better’, ‘I cannot possibly have another year like last year but have little clue how to prevent it happening again’.

When we are looking for our purpose, trying to find our passion or indeed when we think we finally have it ‘sussed out’ we then go skipping off to tell those around us what we want to achieve, who we are or what our purpose is. Unfortunately not everyone around us is as accepting, supportive or inspiring, often we get told ‘no that’s daft idea’ or ‘who are you to think you can do that’ or ‘yeh that would be so cool for you to do that but you know what, life is hard, its not that easy’. I think you get my drift!

Anyway, what I want to say to you now, today, in this moment is the following:

STOP being anything else but yourself!

STOP trying to live by everyone else’s standards.

Don’t let others expectations of you cloud who you are or make you hide away.

When you feel that you aren’t good enough, list down all the stuff you have overcome, list down all the achievements you have had to date, this will be a little way to overcome those self limiting beliefs, it’s a start to help you rebuild your confidence.

Live your purpose, not someone else’s.

STOP trying to be all to everyone at the expense of your own happiness.

STOP looking at what everyone else is doing.

STOP trying to conform to what you think is the right course of action or the right way to live.

Do you dream of serving others, sharing your skills and expertise but often get dragged down by others expectations or wants and desires?

Often feel there is no time left for what you want to do or achieve?

Sometimes we often get a real burning desire to change or reach a certain goal. Sometimes its all we think about and we ponder, procrastinate and faff over it and then the negative Nora moments come into our head and push us off balance, the huge lack of confidence to just go grab it and run with it often comes from others opinions or well meaning words.

Often we live by others standards, just plodding along day to day with no real love for the life or work we do.

We settle for what we have, what we believe we should be grateful for and that ‘life is tough, just crack on with it’.

This is where I suggest you always surround yourself as much as possible with people who will inspire, motivate and support you.

If you want to make changes in life or work or business you need to acknowledge the following:

Grab a notebook and write it all out on paper, get it out of your head

The Goal, the end result, what is really is you want to achieve.

The Realities, how you can achieve this realistically and the steps you can take to do this.

The Obstacles, what is happening around you right now that could hold you back, family, partners, bosses, employees, well meaning friends, lifestyle, daily juggling, finances and lack of confidence. Recognise and acknowledge them, then and only then can you work with the obstacles around you.

Your Will, your determination, your attitude, your drive, ambition and desire to change.

If you have a goal, but have the will to achieve, you will achieve it! The realities and obstacles can be worked with, you can do this!

Finding your purpose

What do you absolutely love to do?

Who do you love to help and why?

What do you love about yourself?

Trust those gut feelings you get when pulled in a certain direction.

Start writing out your feelings, your plans, your goals, how you want your life and business to look and feel and the positive impact this will have in your life once you start on this journey.

Meditate often and really spend some time on listening and focusing in to that intuition, those little thoughts and ideas you get when you spend ten minutes out of your busy life to just be.

What is the one thing you really want to achieve more than anything?

Now you have some ideas, what is next?If you feel comfortable and confident to draw up an action plan then do it, be patient and kind to yourself as you start to write down your goals, where you want to be and the life you are creating.

If you want extra support then give me a shout and we can get you sorted!

My purpose is to help ladies who are in the mid part of their lives, they have spent years caring for and supporting others and now want to take back some control of their lives, they have vision, passion, determination, they have goals and they want change, they want to spend their days working for themselves in their own businesses, they want to enjoy life and work but with the freedom and confidence to live and work on their terms. The only expectations we should have are the positive growth expectations we put on ourselves!