where to buy real accutane online Don’t Quit!

buy clomid with debit card Some days you feel like giving up

Al Musayyib Some days you wonder what on earth am I doing

Who am I trying to kid myself I can make it work

Sometimes you genuinely cannot do ‘it’ anymore

Some days you wake up and think ‘here we blooming go again’

Some days you want to stay in bed, shut off from the world and hope ‘it’ all goes away

‘It’ could be your 9-5 job

‘It’ could be your business that you’ve worked so hard on but the money isn’t rolling in

‘It’ could be life in general, not living your purpose and no idea what to do next

‘It’ could be the life you are leading to please others

If ‘It’ is stopping you in your tracks, making you feel lost, empty and soul less then you need to reach out.

Don’t deal with ‘It’ on your own!

Always here to inspire, motivate and support you all.

I will never judge you or pity your situation.

I’ve been exactly where you are now.

Nobody deserves to feel this way day In day out.

Time for change?

How to get out of your own way when you are feeling stuck, bored, disheartened and disillusioned with life and business.

First things first!

Ask yourself these three things:

What area of life are you happy in right now? (There will be one area of life that you are happy and content with!!)

What are you proud of today?

What have you achieved so far this year? No matter how small?

Now grab a notebook and pen and get it all out onto paper:

1) What do you want to achieve?

2) How will your life and business look and feel when you have achieved ‘it’?

3) How committed are you to reaching this goal or plan or life you want?

4) What are the driving forces behind this? Why do you want to do this? Family, Finances, Freedom, Self Worth? Better life? Profitable Business?

5) What is distracting you from being and doing? Get rid of negative distractions, turn off the social media and stop faffing or procrastinating.

6) What is stopping you? Outside influences? Well-meaning family/friends? Fear of Success? Past experiences? Lack of self-confidence?

7) Are you living in chaos? Too much clutter around you? To Do Lists that have ideas on there that you never put into action? Go back to these lists and work out the top three things you can get done today, often our lists are out dated and no longer relevant. If you are in a cluttered environment, spend one hour on decluttering and making your work or home space more organised.

8) Believe in you, you can do this, you have got this and only YOU can make a difference to your life.

9) Take some time out, reflect, meditate, go for a walk, write out a life goal list of what it is you want to achieve (the bigger picture) and then think about the small actionable steps you need to implement and take action.

Achieving greatness is closer than you think

Ocean Coaching your wave of inspiration