Are you just starting out in business or have an existing business or job that is stuck in the dark ages, lost your passion and motivation and cannot see a future?

Are you working 24/7 with no time for anything else?

You want Accountability and Support, for you and your business on a higher level.

You need to overcome the many obstacles or realities you are facing daily, juggling the family and relationships and a business.

Often feel like the easiest way would be to close the business and get a proper paid employed job?

You are in a paid employed role that no longer works for you? You have lost your way and see only darkness when driving to your day job?

You have come to a point in your life when you think.. there must be more to life than this?

You have an awesome business idea but don’t know where to start or even if it’s a good idea to ditch the day job and go build your business?

You are fed up with people not listening to you or valuing your expertise, your skills?

Are you ready to do some deep soul searching to reignite your passion for life and business?

You lack consistency in profit, sales and marketing?

You have tried marketing but it does not work?

You find it difficult to deal with awkward customers or people around you?

You spend hours working, and then have to spend hours writing up quotes for potential work and worry about the competition or the big businesses out there?

You lose jobs to the cheaper quote or cowboys and then get asked back to put right the work they have done wrong?

You are working long hours but just scraping a living.

You are too busy, don’t have the time and by the end of the working day the last thing on your mind is planning your business.

Not enough hours in the day?

Not feeling it. The passion for your business or your day job is waning, or its up and left the building.

You know you should be out there presenting and Networking but you don’t feel it’s your thing.

You are so focused on the daily earning a living, planning what comes next in business is just another chore (even though you know you need to work on your plans!)

You are stuck with what to write in your marketing, website, content and social media?

You believe that engaging the support and help in business could be deemed as failing

(How wrong are you, it’s a sign of success and growth!)

You have been in business for years, what could someone possibly teach you?

(Even though deep down we don’t all know everything, so we ALL need to get some help now and then!)

You are struggling with cash flow and getting paid on time.

You know you are darn good at what you do but are wary of charging your worth.

You take on any work you can because it pays the bills.

You have staffing issues, sub contractors who don’t do what is asked of them.

Your business partnership has no defined boundaries.

You think I am not worthy, I am too busy juggling, I cannot do all this, I am a parent/partner and I always come last, what if I am a successful business owner how will my partner or my family, my friends deal with it, surely this cannot be turned into a profitable business, I mean its only a hobby, my passion, who would buy from me?? 

I want to grow and expand but I don’t know how or where to start (Think you get the picture!)

Are you ready to stop procrastinating, stop trying to work it all out by yourself!

Want to regain control back in your life and business?

Sometimes all it takes is conversation with someone else that you can trust to have your back and inspire, motivate and support you!


I can help you, if you dare to invest in your time, your space and you!! If this has resonated with you drop me an email and lets chat!