I ask some of my most recent (during the pandemic of 2020) clients how they felt about working with me:

Kate Wood and Maxine Gooding of Gooding and Wood

How did you feel before working with me?

We were pleased with what we’d achieved but wanted some help to ensure we stuck to our future strategic plans.

Why did you enlist the support of a Business Coach?

In previous years we had good ideas for new strategies and products but client work coming in was given higher priority so we hadn’t seen a few of those through, which was disappointing.

What support did you want? 

To clarify our future work plan and create an online digital subscription product.

Did you look at other ways to solve the issues?

Sheer willpower!  It wasn’t enough though as we kept being distracted by other work.

Did you have any concerns about working with Anita?


What outcomes were achieved by working with Anita?

We aligned our personal goals and objectives for what we wanted to achieve as individuals and for the business – this was a really good exercise which we hadn’t done for quite a while.  It helped us to then clarify what we wanted to achieve in 2020 and beyond, which, despite the pandemic (or maybe because of it) meant we could focus on what was really important for the longer term.

What attracted you to Anita and her style of coaching?

To be honest, we were looking for a (relatively) local woman with relevant business experience.

What did you find useful about having a Business Coach?

Making the time to reflect and plan for our business and not just for our clients.

How valuable were the sessions? 

Very – really good touchpoints to make sense of what we wanted to do and what we were actually doing.

Did you feel you were supported? Held accountable? Motivated and inspired?

We were – sometimes a little too much!  Once we’d got clarity about what we were doing, we were fully able to get on with that, so we didn’t need chasing up.  Having the sessions booked in were enough to know what we were working towards.

What impact has this made on your life and business?

We are about to launch a new business offering that we are truly proud of and can’t wait to share with the world!  We have a strong belief in what we’re here to do and what the future holds for us. 

Would you recommend Anita as a Business Coach?


If you want to be held accountable, inspired, motivated and supported in 2021 then get in touch and we can have a conversation about how we can work together.