As soon as you have finished work/busy day; go and try these simple tasks to ensure a calmer, quieter, stress free evening which in turn will help you sleep!

Exercise – go for a walk in the evening, go for a swim, or try a fitness class, maybe to help build your confidence, try a new fitness group or gym to expand your network, make new friendships but also to feel better in general.

Wine O’clock – I am not going to tell you to stop wine o’clock or the little G&T you have while you are winding down after work BUT studies have been shown to prove that alcohol is a stimulant, same as caffeine, therefore to much of it can cause you to yes fall asleep quickly but then wake on and off in the night and find it hard to go back to sleep. If you do have a wine, make it a small one and try to only have one! (Promise I won’t lecture you all on this!)

Eat Well and Not too late – Try and eat balanced, healthy nutritious food, if you struggle with meals/convenience then maybe try to meal plan or at least make some home made soups or slow cooker meals that are more balanced than a take away (But you can have a takeaway at the weekend, we can allow that!)

Warm bath/shower
– and treat yourself to your favourite bubble bath or shower gels and beauty products, you are allowed a treat and this is one thing I don’t skimp on, I love products that smell gorgeous and make me feel like a million £££s, in fact I spend more on this than wine 

Social Media and Phone ban – So many of us sit there, numb looking at a screen all evening, checking in on Facebook or Instagram or who’s doing what and then the emails, lets just have a quick sneak peak. Its all well and good but deep down, you may see something that annoys you or offends you, something that brings out the green eye monster, something that makes you cry or really winds you up, then the emotions start, the mind monkeys and you now cant switch off, even worse if you have a client message you feel you need to answer there and then even though its gone 10pm! So you need some boundaries for yourself and yes your business. Ban yourself from going on Social Media after a set time i.e. 10pm for instance, turn your phone onto airplane mode or switch it off!

The News/Newspapers/Media – Same as with Social Media and Mobile Phone Bans, you can guarantee there will be something in the press/media that annoys you, winds you up or makes you cry. You will go to bed focused on that alone and then the bedtime mind monkeys want to come out to play.

Write it all out! – Grab your journal, notebook or planner, sit in a quiet space, with a pen/pencil and scribble it out on paper, all the to do lists, all the stuff in the head, all the ‘I must ring/do/speak to tomorrow’ stuff, all the ‘must buy that this week’, the ‘crikey I need to do that or email that etc.’, goals, plans, dreams or in fact the little toxic niggles of the day, someone or something that has got on your nerves!

Gratitude/Happy thoughts – write down in your journal/diary/planner one thing you are grateful for and one thing that went well for you that day, no matter how small, it may be as small as ‘managed to get up, get dressed, show up and be ready for the day’. If we focus on one happy thought we go to bed feeling rested and ready to embrace the next day and sleep!

Your Bedroom/sleeping space should be calm, no workspace, no work stuff or files, calm lighting, decluttered, soft furnishings and clean fresh bedding.

Use an alarm clock but not your phone as its too tempting to check the time and then notifications/emails.

There are loads of meditation apps available, or indeed just listen to calm chilled music.

Keep your bed and head space calm and do the routines above every evening and I promise, you will see some results.

Sleep and rest is so so important to success in life and business.

Remember achieving greatness is closer than you think!