Boss your Business Networking

You struggle with networking in person or even the thought of it makes you squirm

You imagine attending a networking event will be full of suits, full of people who are further down the line than you in business? More successful than you? Super confident and not want to listen to what you have to say and offer

Never know how to start a conversation or introduce yourself, how to carry yourself confidently as the go to person in your industry

Worry about what to say when you are offered a one-minute pitch

Scared with presenting yourself in front of a room of strangers, mind monkeys saying you are not professional enough

Should you even bother networking locally in person

You are too busy to network, you don’t need to do it

It’s not for you and won’t suit your business

You have ‘heard’ it’s all about business suits and couldn’t imagine anything worse

You’ve ‘heard’ you have to be really good at presenting, sales and business

If you’ve never tried it, how on earth will you know it’s good, bad or ugly???

Stop listening to others misconceptions and their experiences!

What am I talking about?? Networking…. locally…. in person…. face to face meetings… getting out there and showing up!

 Hands up who wants to:

Confidently present your business

Find the right group for you and your business

Show up as a go to expert in your field

Speak with conviction at a networking event

Present an awesome one-minute pitch that will leave the room wanting to know more about you

Build your contact sphere; you never know who knows whom!

Follow up with those you meet and build relationships with those you could collaborate with or do business with

Boss networking like a pro!

You know attending Business Networking events is a huge part of your marketing and business success.

How will this work and what will you learn?

You will be fully supported in a closed Facebook group where you will be able to access me; your networking queen, be supported by your fellow ‘Boss your  Networkers’.

Session 1: Mindset, Confidence, Motivation, Focus and Clarity!

Session 2: How to find the right networking groups for you and your business.

Session 3: Be Prepared, what you need to take and do.

Session 4: How to open conversations when you nervous and never presented before, I will help you nail that awesome Elevator/One minute presentation.

Session 5: Follow Ups, how to successfully make those contacts valuable connections.

We start on 24thJune; places will be limited at the early bird price of £97, which is valid for the first ten who book on by Friday 21st June, after that the price will increase to £149. To book on:

Anita has been to many networking events over the years; some formal, some informal and has taken what works, what people want from business networking and launched ‘The Business Lounge’. She was an Ambassador for the largest referral networking organisation in the world for over 6 years, so she knows networking works and that it’s a great marketing strategy for businesses.