Akhaltsikhe Am I too old to start a business?

psychically So often I hear this… ‘I would love to start a business but I am in my forties and I think maybe I am too old to start over’, ‘Start ups are for younger people with no ties’, ‘Starting a business is not for older people’, ‘Who would listen to me?’

You are NEVER TOO OLD to start over, take up a new hobby, a new purpose, a business or make a difference to your life!

Why starting a business later in life is absolutely ok and sometimes the best time of your life!

Experience – You have a wealth of life experience, skills, expertise, enthusiasm, you have been there done it wore the T-shirt and are still here to tell the tale. You have been in the working world long enough to have experienced and witnessed many things and are able to draw on those experiences in your own business. You have experience in sometimes things not working out ok but also successful moments too.

Strengths – You will know your strengths, the areas you are productive in, experienced in, you know your limitations, and you will know areas you may need to improve on or indeed outsource to someone else when you have your business set up! I.e. we don’t all need to be great at everything and wear loads of different hats in business. Focus on what you can do!

Obstacles – Your family are more than probably more independent and not so needy of your time. You no longer have childcare worries or lack of sleep due to babies or younger children. Financially you are more settled and able to invest your time and money into your own dreams and goals.

Goals – Your goals now will be very different to those in their twenties/thirties, you will have your home, financially in a reasonable place, started and raised a family, travelled, had many life experiences so you can now focus on what YOU want in life, you are allowed to now be selfish and think about what YOU want to achieve.

Passion & Priorities – You will be better able to prioritise your plans, ideas and action these. You will more than probably have one idea and stick with it rather than have many ideas and be distracted.  Your passion will help you along the journey. You will not waste precious time working on something that does not sit right with you.

When we reach a certain time in our lives, we often recognise and realize that there is more to life ‘than this’, we get to a place when we want to change our future and look forward to new beginnings that are about us. For years, others have depended us on and now it’s our time to shine and show the world what we are made of.

If you want to chat through an idea you have, if you aren’t sure if being a business owner is for you or maybe you just want a non judgmental set of ears and eyes on your idea, get in touch. I absolutely love supporting, inspiring and motivating new business ideas and those who maybe are a tad stuck in business.