I’m an Award Winning Accredited Performance and Business Development Coach for those starting businesses from a lightbulb 💡 idea and helping them go from idea to implementation, action and success.

Maybe you have been in your Business a while and are stuck, not earning the success you deserve, working all hours and on the hamster wheel but no clear focus, clarity or plan and need some accountability, inspiration, motivation and support. Not sure how to move forward? I can help! 

I will show you how to become the person to achieve the goals in life and business that have previously eluded you.

This isn’t generic business coaching from a blueprint or template. Everything we do is bespoke to you and comes with years of real life and business experiences.

I’m an ‘intuitive, another set of eyes on your business, hold you accountable, get things done coach’ to motivate, inspire and support you to reach your goals in life and business.

Ocean Coaching for your Wave of Inspiration. 

Achieving greatness is closer than you think.

I am an award winning, accredited business performance coach with over 23 years experience of building businesses from an idea to reality, while overcoming many life changing curveballs. This isn’t generic business coaching from a blueprint or template, everything we do is bespoke to you with years of real life and business experiences, I will show you how to achieve, you will learn from my successes, the good, the bad and the sometimes ugly. I will hold you accountable, support, motivate and inspire you to have the life, business and freedom you desire.


My mission is to help all business owners, who may have more time on their hands now their children are not so dependent, finances are not so constrained, where its their time to shine, they decided against returning to work in the corporate world, they have the confidence that comes with age and experience to live a life they deserve, those who are building dream businesses from a lightbulb idea to a ‘profitable business’.
My aim is to have inspiring conversations which open up those ideas, supporting you in a non judgemental way, motivating you to find your purpose, realise your dreams, find clarity, focus and drive but also hold you accountable to seek out and find your passion and master those goals to grow your business.

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Anita has been with me since the very beginning and really helped me make that jump from being in full-time work to running my own business. She has been supportive, enthusiastic and has also been there when things aren’t always going smoothly. She’s a ray of sunshine and helped me gain perspective – if you need a business coach then Anita is your lady! Helen Cox

Helen Cox Marketing

Anita is like a breath of fresh air. Not only has she given me amazing business support and guidance, but has taught me some valuable life lessons too.

Thanks to her, I know it’s ok to off days, but that doesn’t warrant quitting. She is the perfect balance of hand holding and tutoring.

Bianca Reynolds

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